Analysis and client management in one software product
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At a glance

FinConPro has been developed for future FIDLEG-compliant investment advising and asset management. It focuses on customer protection and consulting security.

FinConPro is the ideal tool for consultants who are looking for

  • a professional client analysis and sales tools
  • with a high level of automation in client management,
  • in one business software product.​

The entire consulting process is supported digitally.

  • You will meet the new, legally stipulated client protection standards!
  • You will save valuable time!
  • You will comply with the rules of conduct!
  • Mobile working will become your reality!

How you can work with FinConPro in the future

Your consultant’s time is once again the client’s time.

Analysis and sales tools
Information and charts for your client files – more than just a financial planning tool
Consultant cockpit
Organized and makes your working day easier – more than just a CRM tool
Electronic pension cockpit
Increases client retention – exceeds the FIDLEG transparency requirements

The interconnection of the FinConPro elements helps you save a lot of time.

1. Consultant cockpit/dashboard
2. Contacts/client management
3. Activities
4. Calendar
5. Correspondence
6. Document creation
7. Document archiving
8. Products
9. Contracts
10. Commission
11. Fee calculation
12. Fast data entry
13. Client analysis and sales tools
14. Pension analysis
15. Pension preparation
16. Pension support
17. Invoicing
18. Income and wealth check
19. Electronic pension cockpit
20. Client files
21. Letters
22. Regular mail
23. Mail
24. Newsletter
25. Letter templates
26. Access to office packages
27. Support
28. Data transfer
29. Statistics/reporting
30. Information about the company
31. Questionnaires
32. Risk profile
33. Consultation log
34. Seminars/events
35. Money flows for own products
36. Money flows for third-party products
37. Registration with authorities
38. Contract templates
39. Requirements analysis
40. Interfaces with banks and core systems such as Avaloq and Finova

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The future is mobile!

Keeping your data secure and up-to-date is paramount

Mobile working is made possible by the browser solution. You decide where, when, and with which device you use FinConPro.

Updates and backups take place automatically each day.​

Constant updating of the legal and regulatory ​
, e.g. old-age and survivors’ insurance, health insurance and pension funds, and taxes – all across Switzerland.

The history of the documents – every single version and amendment – is stored.

State-of-the-art data security and archiving of your choice: in a certified Swiss data centre or on your server.

Interfaces with the most important partners