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Benefits for clients

  • You will ensure the highest possible client protection.
  • The client analysis and your roadmap are very professional and comprehensible.
  • The financial situation is easy to understand.
  • You will help your clients understand the best measures for them.
  • Your client is involved in the investment decision.
  • You will consult with your clients at the same level, therefore achieving often-lacking financial literacy.
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Your personal benefits

  • You will have more time for your family and leisure activities.
  • You will save valuable time for acquisition and client consultations.
  • Your digital assistant will carry out many administrative tasks almost the same way you do.
  • Your expertise will be highlighted by the professional documentation.
  • Your clients will recommend you.
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Financial benefits

  • In 10 minutes, you will be ready for your next asset sale.
  • The analyses and sales tools, adapted to the different stages of life, promote long-term client retention.
  • You will be reminded about any depleted funds.
  • Your opportunities for additional revenue will increase.
  • Your commission will reach your account faster.
  • You will happily notice fewer cancellations.
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The benefits of smart programming

  • Not just for financial planning specialists.
  • The electronic client dossier with all planned measures, charts, and important information is created for you automatically.
  • Situation-specific advice is supported optimally.
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Advantages when
working from home

  • FinConPro also acts as your digital office, with all the functions you require.
  • You determine where, when, and with which device you use FinConPro.
  • Your backups are created automatically each day.
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Advantages for your consulting security: FIDLEG and data

  • Your advice will always be FIDLEG-compliant.
  • Your conduct and assessment requirements will be met.
  • Your documentation is legally compliant, evidentiary, and archived.
  • You will protect your clients.
  • The legal and regulatory foundations are constantly updated.
  • Data are stored and archived in a certified Swiss data centre or on your own server.

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