About FinConTec

The ConsulTec for financial intermediaries

Willy Graf


Founder – more than 25 years spent in the financial services industry

“My heart beats for the reputation and strengthening of financial consulting.
The needs of the end clients and honesty when giving them advice, as well as the protection of sensitive data, are paramount.

Our intelligent, highly automated consulting software FinConPro enables the highest possible client protection and offers consultants high consulting security.

The end clients receive a decision-making basis, and the consultants are free from time-consuming activities, enabling them to devote their time to the valuable, sustainable care of their clients.

The consultant’s time is once again the client’s time.

Founder Willy Graf, lic. iur. HSG, more than 25 years spent in financial consulting.



FinConTec develops financial consulting technologies to enhance competitiveness and client protection, and develop the relationship between clients and consultants.

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Vision and mission

Large numbers of people are concerned that they may not be able to enjoy a life free from financial worries and a sufficient pension. Every citizen wishes to grow old in physical, mental, and financial health.

Swiss financial service providers have always provided reassurance by being close to their clients and demonstrating their expertise. It is essential that we capitalize on this advantage.

The financial advisor of the future is a finance coach – similar to how a general practitioner is a health coach. Only the caring and long-term support of clients can ensure financial health for a life without worry.

The client’s personal connection to their advisor is becoming more and more important in our interconnected world with its increasing digitalization.

FinConPro optimally supports the personal touch of the advisor with modern technology, ensuring high client protection and consulting security.

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The Team

We are proud of our team!

With plenty of dedication, know-how, and the will to develop the best technologies for financial intermediaries, we work for our clients every single day. We are a multicultural team from five nations, and we have dedicated ourselves to Swissness: fairness, precision, reliability, and stability.

Willy Graf, lic. iur. HSG

Willy Graf, lic. iur. HSG


Willy Graf

Visionary and decision-maker

Think the impossible – make the unthinkable possible. For people, by people!

  • Student body president at the University of St. Gallen
  • Jumped into entrepreneurship during his studies and founded the security policy forum at the University of St. Gallen
  • Founded his first company, Sportmanager AG, at the end of the 80s
  • Part of the financial services industry since 1995: founded numerous companies and associations with a focus on customer protection and consulting security
  • Co-creator in the digitalization of the financial services industry since 2004: swoffice is the first startup in the financial services industry that was financed using risk funds from St. Galler Kantonalbank.
  • Founded ConsulTec FinConTec AG in 2020: the first startup in the financial services industry to focus on client protection in consulting, while at the same time increasing the revenue opportunities for consultants.

Oxana Bärtsch, Dr oec. HSG

Oxana Bärtsch, Dr oec. HSG

Member of the Executive Board

Dr Bärtsch joined the VVK group back in 2002 during an exchange programme at the University of St. Gallen, gaining her first experiences as a pension planner, using this opportunity to finance her studies – which she completed with distinction. After her doctorate studies – also at the University of St. Gallen – during which she wrote a thesis called “The Consumption Capital Asset Pricing Model: an Empirical Examination for the Swiss Capital Market in Consideration of Seasonal Effects”, she decided to stay part of our group. Today, she works as a qualified asset manager. She is part of the executive management, responsible for project management in the development of the digitally-supported consulting process. In addition to being with her family, she still finds time for skiing and jewelry design.

Frank Heisler

Frank Heisler

Key Account Manager

Frank Heisler is responsible for the sale of our FinConPro financial consulting software. He has many years of experience in the field of information and process technology. Organizations he has worked for include American and German IT service providers, as well as Swiss and English-speaking banks, where he held positions such as software development manager, analyst and IT project manager (bank integration, security, processes, monitoring and organizational development). Mr Heisler knows and understands the requirements imposed on financial service providers by the new financial service laws.

Salih Öztekin

Sales Manager

Salih Öztekin has been the CEO of Haus der Werte AG since 01.08.2020. In 2019, he wrote a successful book called “Kompetenz Vertrieb/Stallgeruch mit System”, in which he passed on over 20 years of knowledge in the financial industry, and his predestined EMBA leadership and management expertise. He is a sales specialist with a federal certificate of expertise and deep knowledge of the Swiss economy and financial industry. He was previously the managing director of a Swiss financial company. He advises and serves the partners of Haus der Werte AG in matters to do with financial instruments, and also manages the sale of the revolutionary financial consulting business software FinConPro, developed by FinConTec AG.

Hülya Aydemir, Business economist HF

Hülya Aydemir, Business economist HF

Training Manager

Hülya Aydemir started studying at the University of St. Gallen. During one of her compulsory internships, she decided to switch over to professional employment and worked for various years in the telecommunication industry in planning and controlling, most recently as a Controlling Manager. She decided to finish her studies while still working. After graduating as a Swiss Certified Business Manager (HF), she joined our team as a provision planner. Miss Aydemir is married with three children. When she’s not caring for her family, her hobbies are painting and writing.

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