Why FinConPro?

The FinConPro financial consulting business software has been developed for FIDLEG-compliant investment advising and asset management. It focuses on customer protection and consulting security.

FinConPro’s highly automated financial consulting software eliminates the additional overheads arising from FIDLEG: 

  • The conduct and verification requirements are met.
  • The documentation is legally compliant, evidentiary, and fully archived.
  • The required update to the client’s situation can be carried out easily during each visit.

FinConPro clients

Financial advisors


Insurance companies

Asset managers

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FIDLEG express.

Be FIDLEG-compliant and ready to start your consultation in just 10 minutes

With just 17 entries in simple boxes, or in just under 10 minutes, you will receive an informative client analysis with diagrams.
The perfect starting point for effective investment advice.
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Work in the future

FinConPro automates and combines the tasks of a CRM tool, a financial planning tool and office solutions in one business software product. ​ Thanks to the personalised consultant cockpit, you will receive an optimal overview for you and your tasks!​

It is also your digital assistant:​
  • It reminds you of all expiring funds and upcoming client appointments.​
  • It will save you time as it takes you through all your administrative steps.​
  • At the same time, all the data and documents are filed.​
  • It automatically reuses previously entered data.​

FinConPro – more time for acquisition and client consultations. ​

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Your client analyses and sales tools

The client analysis, adapted to the different life stages, serves as a sales tool, a client protection method, and a way to ensure long-term client retention.
For the client, it is a decision-making aid, and for you
it is a sales tool, because the client will understand their situation and can be a part of the decision-making process. The more data you gather, the more precise the results will be.

  • You show your client their financial situation,
  • it is easy for them to understand, and
  • it forms the basis of your consulting.
  • Your company logo is visible on all documents.

At the same time, you will receive all the information you need to make the asset purchase easier, and achieve the required client protection and therefore obey the law.
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The future is mobile!

Keeping your data secure and up-to-date is paramount

Mobile working is made possible by the browser solution. You decide where, when, and with which device you use FinConPro.

Updates and backups take place automatically each day.​

Constant updating of the legal and regulatory ​
, e.g. old-age and survivors’ insurance, health insurance and pension funds, and taxes – all across Switzerland.

The history of the documents – every single version and amendment – is stored.

State-of-the-art data security and archiving of your choice: in a certified Swiss data centre or on your server.

Interfaces with the most important partners

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We will accompany and support you every step of the way.


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Test FinConPro with all functions and options free for 30 days! You will also receive training and the full support of our team.


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Based on how you find FinConPro during the test period, you will know what subscription you want to choose, or we will put together an individual solution with you.


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No matter what system you use today, our team will ensure smooth data migration, training, and support.


The ConsulTec for financial intermediaries

FinConTec develops financial consulting technologies to enhance competitiveness and client protection, and develop the relationship between clients and consultants.

“My heart beats for the reputation and strengthening of financial consulting.
The needs of the end clients and honesty when giving them advice, as well as the protection of sensitive data, are paramount.

Our intelligent, highly automated consulting software FinConPro enables the highest possible client protection and offers the consultants high consulting security.

The end clients will have a basis on which to make their decisions, and the consultants are free from time-consuming activities, enabling them to devote their time to the valuable, sustainable care of their clients.

The consultant’s time is once again the client’s time.

Founder Willy Graf, lic. iur. HSG, more than 25 years spent in financial consulting.