The ConsulTec for financial intermediaries

FinConTec develops financial consulting technologies to enhance competitiveness and client protection, and develop the relationship between clients and consultants.

“My heart beats for the reputation and strengthening of financial consulting.
The needs of the end clients and honesty when giving them advice, as well as the protection of sensitive data, are paramount.

Our intelligent, highly automated consulting software FinConPro enables the highest possible client protection and offers the consultants high consulting security.

The end clients will have a basis on which to make their decisions, and the consultants are free from time-consuming activities, enabling them to devote their time to the valuable, sustainable care of their clients.

The consultant’s time is once again the client’s time.

Founder Willy Graf, lic. iur. HSG, more than 25 years spent in financial consulting.


Why FinConPro?

The FinConPro financial consulting business software has been developed for FIDLEG-compliant investment advising and asset management. It focuses on customer protection and consulting security.

FinConPro’s highly automated financial consulting software eliminates the additional overheads arising from FIDLEG: 

  • The conduct and verification requirements are met.
  • The documentation is legally compliant, evidentiary, and fully archived.
  • The required update to the client’s situation can be carried out easily during each visit.